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A new way of communication

The fact that companies and marketing departments are continuously looking for new means of communication that have not been explored or exploited as well as for new media for their advertising turns Trixi into a very interesting alternative to take into account.

The triumph of creativity

It is a charming vehicle that is immediately related with current subjects as the respect of our environment and the ecological alternatives of transport in a city with traffic problems.

Trixi represents the triumph of creativity and imagination and contributes to a sustainable solution of the cities, an issue that invites to reflection and to compromises and that needs the support of private initiatives like this one. It will be very interesting for any advertiser to be linked to a project that is in tune with the new sensibility of the public, that connects with people and that generates immediate sympathy.

Take a Trixi - The "eye-catcher"

Thanks to its novelty in the area of transport and to its modern and attractive design, Trixi catches immediate attention. This turns it into the ideal medium for any advertising message. We guarantee that the number of visual impacts obtained by Trixi is much higher than any other vehicle. This is because it does not pass unnoticed and does not "drive as fast" as other media. The average speed of transport in Valencia is around 50km/h which does not allow to read properly most of the messages on cars and busses. Also, the average car driver is not very receptive to messages when there is intensive traffic. Trixi provides solutions to these two problems: thanks to the speed of circulation it allows to read the messages properly and thanks to the sympathy it generates among the public advertising is much more efficient.

Satisfied customers

Movistar, Desigual, Moschino, Pans & Company, Auna Retevision, Nike, Heineken, Starbucks, Diesel, Sony, Coca Cola, Vodafone, Bertelsmann, C&A, MasterCard, L'Oréal, Panasonic, Nestea, Cartier, Siemens mobile, Procter & Gamble, Philips....and many more

A new support for outside advertisement

Trixi is designed to bring ads in the sides and back sections. Therefore, the publicitary creative can create an unique design for a unique support, different and innovative, but also to adapt the design of any campaign created for other media and use the cyclo as an additional support.

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