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A tricycle with an electric motor

Trixi has a little electric motor that does not substitute the pedalling action of the Trixist but that helps him in special occasions as, for example, at the start, after having stopped or when going uphill. The operation of the motor is voluntary, so that the driver can decide whether to use it or not. When arriving at a speed of 11km/h the motor disconnects automatically as it understands that at this speed there is no need for any help.

Homologated in Spain

Trixi is the first cycle device with electrically assisted pedalling homologated in Spain.

Trixi is not considered a motor vehicle (as the engine is not needed for the vehicle to move, contrary to cars, buses, etc) and consequently the Trixis DON NOT need matriculation. (Source: Ministerio del Interior - Dirección General de Tráfico).

Technical specifications

Homologated by the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología

-1+2=3, 1 driver + 2 passengers
-Trixi total weight 140 kg
-Total length 307 cm
-Total width 110 cm
-Total height 179 cm
-Electrical engine 250 W
-2 Hydraulic disk brake
-Forward position lights
-Backward position lights
-Backward indicators